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    Electrical power engineering automatics
    Our specialists participated in design, completion, assembly supervision, start-ups, post-assembly tests and initial start-ups of electric equipment in almost every huge utility and industrial power plant in Poland. This designates almost 200 units of power ranging from few up to 500 MW


    Since 2003, when designing team originating from Energoprojekt-Gliwice was incorporated into the organizational structure, our activity concentrates on design of electrical engineering and automatics systems. In order to tailor the offer to market requirements, design activity is carried

    Control and Measurement Instruments

    Control and Measurement Instruments and Automation
    Energotest sp. z o.o. specializes in complex solving of problems related to automation. We offer turnkey automation installations in newly erected objects, from engineering advisory


    Systems ECONTROLplus and SmartLoad utilize accomplishments and long years of experience of Energotest’s specialists and cooperation with our Partners


    Energotest holds its own team of designers, who carry out research and development studies, preparing new structures, especially devices of electric power engineering automatics and LV and MV
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